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Financial Statement Audit (General Purpose Audit)

In today’s dynamic business environment, stakeholders rely heavily on the accuracy and transparency of financial information. Our firm is equipped with qualified and experienced auditors to use and report in any applicable financial reporting framework, such as GAAP or IFRS. Our auditing personnel carefully plan the audit by understanding the business and identifying risks to develop an audit plan tailored to the organization’s specific circumstances. We assess risks and perform substantive procedures to test the accuracy and completeness of balances, transactions and disclosures. We analyze the audit findings and assess their implications on the financial statements and communicate audit findings and recommendations to management and those charges with government. At Henok Tadesse Certified Audit Firm, we understand the importance of thorough and objective financial statement audit. Our team of experienced auditors employ a risk based approach to tailor audit procedures that address the specific risks and complexities associated with the type of business and industry.

We are committed to delivering high-quality audit services that provide valuable insights and add value to your business.

Tax Audit

Tax Audit is an essential process aimed at ensuring compliance with laws and regulations while maintaining the accuracy of financial records. It provides assurance and transparency in tax reporting, helping to mitigate risks and ensure compliance with tax laws. We review relevant documentation, such as financial statements, receipts, invoices, bank statements, and other records to support the information reported on tax returns. We further verify the accuracy of reported income, deductions, credits, and compliance with tax laws. Our company understands the challenges and complexities of the vast tax laws ranging from proclamations, regulations, and directives, to circulars. Our team of experienced tax professionals combines technical expertise, industry knowledge, and strategic insights to assist clients in showing their tax compliance gaps which will enable the client to achieve a tax compliant company.  

Internal Audit

Internal Audit needs an independent objective assurance and consulting ctivity that adds value and improves an organization’s operations. We help organizations accomplish their objectives by bringing a systematic, disciplined approach to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of risk management and control. Our company conducts detailed audit procedures to evaluate the design and operating effectiveness of internal controls by testing transactions, processes, and systems to identify weaknesses, deficiencies, and opportunities for improvement. We develop practical solutions and action plans in compliance with regulations and internal policies, then monitor the implementation of audit recommendations to ensure timely and effective remediation.

"Precision in Assurance, Excellence in Audit"

Risk Assurance

Organizations face a myriad of financial risks that can impact their operations, profitability, and reputation. Our financial risk assurance services are designed to help businesses identify, assess and mitigate these risks effectively, ensuring resilience and sustainable growth. We analyze internal and external factors that may impact the organization’s financial health and stability.

Our company provides assurance on the integrity and accuracy of financial reporting processes. We leverage advanced data analytics tools and technologies to identify patterns, trends, and anomalies to enhance decision-making processes and risk mitigation strategies through data-driven insights, Identifying and prioritizing financial risks to facilitate proactive risk management efforts. We thrive to minimize financial losses associated with fraud, errors, and compliance violations, and to create long-term value by fostering a culture of risk awareness and proactive risk management for our clients. We combine industry expertise, best  practices, and innovative methodologies to deliver value-added services that drive business success.

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Some clients testimony !

"They had been tasked with handling the full work of the finance department of Sinoma. Some of the major tasks they carry out are tax advisory, report on the financial analysis of the company, preparation of tax returns and compliance services relating to EIT, VAT, WHT, and last but not least preparation of year-end financial reports and communications with MOR including drafting and presenting complaints and appeals relating to taxes. We are thoroughly impressed by their unwavering commitment to professionalism and their promptness in delivering services. The exceptional standards and satisfactory level of service have exceeded our expectations. "
Peng Bangxiao
Sinoma International Engineering Co. LTD (Ethiopian Branch)
"They have bestowed upon us their expertise in terms of communications and discussions with the Ministry of Revenue. Additionally, they have also played a significant role in providing tax advice and training on updating tax awareness. They have displayed a profound commitment to delivering professional services and have adhered to the agreed-upon terms and conditions with absolute promptness. "
Maheder Gebremedhin
Principal - Yema Architecture Plc
"This is to certify that ACE investment & impact advisors have received advice relating to the corporate structure and the finance department. In particular, they have provided ACE advisors with advice relating to the overall company restructuring and tax planning advice. Furthermore, they have also assisted ACE in pre-audit preparations. The services have been delivered with in-depth dedication and promptly as per the terms and conditions agreed. Generally, we have found the service provided by them to be of high standards and satisfactory. "
Nasreen M. Adem
Managing Partner - ACE Investment and Impact Advisors
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